This is my manifesto. I want you to read this. I want to share this with all humans on Earth. This is my grand strategy. You are welcome to adopt it to. This is a statement of purpose, a reason for being. This relates to my calling, what I feel that I put here in this universe to do. Most all of what I write, create and publish relates to these ideas. This is an evolving document. It is unfinished and may never be finished. It will likely change more slowly than more speedily.

  1. Enrich your own life and experience more happiness.
  2. Enrich the lives of others and help others experience more happiness.
  3. Persevere relentlessly to have success when striving towards worthwhile goals.
  4. Try to earn enough money as is useful.
  5. Use and potentially develop technologies that can help enrich lives.
  6. Try to be as healthy as possible.
  7. Frequently engage in research, learning and teaching.
  8. Try to become exceptionally skilled in one or more specialized areas.
  9. Support exoplanet colonization efforts.
  10. Support the development of radical life extension technologies.
  11. Support outlawing civil commitment, psychiatric holds and the insanity defense.
  12. Learn as much about self defense as is practical and potentially useful.

Please read the other articles online that I have written and/or my books if you want to learn more about this manifesto.