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Having Manna Cryptocurrency Listed on More Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Consider emailing cryptocurrency exchanges and asking them to list Manna. I sent this email to Coinex today. Perhaps Manna can be listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges eventually. Feel free to adapt this email for your own use. Cheers!

I possess some Manna, a basic income cryptocurrency.

How can Manna be listed on Coinex? Is there an application and fee? Will Coinex ever list a coin like Manna because it is awesome and has the potential to help lots of people? and are websites for Manna.

I hope Coinex eventually lists Bitcoin Cash/Manna pairs.

Thank you.

[Your Name]

October 2018 Update

Here is my October 2018 update.

I’m attempting to help defeat aging.

I’m attempting to help universal basic income implemented so that poverty can be potentially eradicated.

I’m attempting to help outlaw psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry.

I’m attempting to help people see with spiritual vision and hear with spiritual hearing.

I’m not going to stop doing all this until my goals are met and my purpose accomplished.

Please join me in attempting to accomplish these endeavors. Use creativity to realize how to best accomplish these worthwhile goals.

Can Bitcoin Cash Effectively Be Utilized as a Second Layer Scaling Solution for Bitcoin Core?

Can Bitcoin Cash effectively be utilized as a second layer scaling solution for Bitcoin Core? It’s quite simple actually. If many merchants accept Bitcoin Cash, then you can open up a Bitcoin Cash channel (wallet) for/in which you have already exchanged your Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash. If you want to settle the layers and close the scaling channels, then you can close the second layer Bitcoin Cash channel by exchanging your Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin Core, as long as you don’t mind the fees. If you cannot tell. See? Simple and elegant. I am half joking with this. Which is deployed more already Lightning channels or Bitcoin Cash channels? I’m using some metaphors here, if you cannot tell.