I want to help you be happier. Whatever that means to you and however you define it, as long as it is legal and ethical, is what I want to help you achieve. I operate under the philosophy that there is no limit as to how much happiness humans can potentially experience. I want to help you experience greater levels of happiness.

Please know that if you have read things that I have written, those writings reflect my views at the time that I wrote them. They may not reflect my current opinions. All my current views and opinions are my own, and nothing that I have written constitutes the views of anyone else, unless explicitly stated.

I was born in The United States. I am a partially a self-taught artist who has learned a decent amount by doing. I was inspired to start painting with oils during a vacation in Hawaii. In my art, a great deal of what I attempt to do is to communicate non-verbal messages through abstract means. I like to paint and create art using bright colors and bright ideas. Using non-abstract messages, I also enjoy creating art that is avant-garde and related to political activism and scientific and technological evangelism.

I am the director of Do Nothing Media. Do Nothing Media publishes and distributes fine art, writings and more.