Recall-Able Bitcoin Cash Tokens?

Are recall-able Bitcoin Cash Tokens possible so as to enable paying salaries using Bitcoin Cash Tokens and dividend functions?

So, suppose I run a business and I want to auto pay employees with Bitcoin Cash. I create salary tokens for my business, and issue all employees tokens proportional to their salary, 1 token can count as 1 US fiat dollar in monthly salary.

Suppose I have two employees, Jill and Robert. I pay Jill $2000 per month and Robert $1000 per month.

Could I use the Bitcoin Cash Dividend Calculator to send each of them their salary in Bitcoin Cash each month, and recall the tokens without their consent if they quit or are fired from my business?

Through Bitcoin Cash, could I issue a token in some sort of quasi-smart contract that I could recall if Robert or Jill quits or is fired? I might issue 2000 Business Issued Tokens to Jill and 1000 Business Issued Tokens to Robert. Then I would just send $1 worth of Bitcoin Cash as a dividend to all Business Token holders for each Business Issued Token.

This might be more useful when applied to DAO’s, decentralized autonomous organizations, or paying cryptocurrency as salary to hundreds or thousands of employees. Is there another way to accomplish this same idea?