How I Am Trying to Help Hasten the Defeat of Aging

Here is how I am trying to help hasten the defeat of aging. I keep posting videos, articles, and short thoughts about defeating aging. Recently I have been creating music in which I mention ideas related to defeating aging. My music is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, and Amazon Music.

I keep posting on Reddit and Facebook about defeating aging. I am on Reddit, and is my Facebook page. You can follow me there. I am at on YouTube. I post to on Twitter.

I am attempting to catalyze grassroot efforts to persuade politicians to classify aging as a potentially treatable disease, and to significantly increase funding for research that could lead to the defeat of aging.

I hope you attempt to do what you can do to hasten the defeat of aging.

Read the book Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey. Read the book Radical Life Extension by me, Michael Ten.

Donate money to SENS Research Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, Buck Institute and Life Extension Advocacy Foundation. Attempt to persuade other individuals to do this too.

Be creative in how you attempt to help hasten the defeat of aging. We can build a grassroots movement to persuade politicians to use their political power to help defeat aging. What might you do to help hasten the defeat of aging?